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Greek / Singer and Dancer

The Greek roots of the artist Marianna Masadi can be felt not only within her mediteranean temperament and her elegance, furthermore especially in her passion for music and dances.

“Already as young girl, I was fascinated by classical and popular Greek music as well as the flow and the expressive way of traditional Greek dances. My parents have flooded our house with their own joy from making music.

They lived the pride of being Greek and they were able to hand it over to me and my two sisters”, tells the appealing dark haired artist with the remarkable green eyes.

“Already as children we have been on stage within our parent´s restaurant and entertained the guests with small performances – we loved to demonstrate our abilities. Especially I myself enjoyed being on stage and the applause” Marianna remembers.

“I never will forget, when I, at the age of ten, found an old piano within a small storage room aside the restaurant and from this moment onwards I spent my afternoons regularly there with playing piano, singing and dancing – it was so fulfilling!”


Marianna´s path to a professional career

At the early age of twelve, Marianna Masadi started already with writing small songs, arranging small show acts and performed those in front of her family. Soon also within larger audiences, so e.g. at an event with 500 guests at a Greek school. Starting at the age of four, Marianna received lessons in piano- and classical ballet and build herewith the solid base for her later career as professional Artist. Years later, the Greek icon Mikis Theodorakis – a far beyond Greece famous musician, composer and politician – heard Marianna on a concert, was fascinated, praised her talent, encouraged her to continue and strengthen her efforts and he foresaw a fruitful career for her… and he should become right!

In the meantime Marianna has demonstrated her great capabilities as choreograph for Greek dances, as singer and entertainer/moderator on festivals and events and is now pride to present her newest album shortly. In close cooperation with leading composers, songwriters and producers Marianna is currently recording twelve songs – emotional and powerful at the same time – breathing the mediteranean flair and combining it smart with the character of her second home-country Germany.

Her melodies for dreaming are not just an expression of her love for Greece and Germany, but by singing in German language they are also an homage for Bavaria where she decided to live years ago.

Marianna feels herself arrived: “I felt spontaneously in love with the exciting landscape, the Bavarian way of living, and I am now excited to contribute with my greek arts and capabilities performing on concerts,events and festivals for local,national and international audiances, Marianna is saying”. For Greek people there is a very special and unique word, which reminds me always on the relaxed life here. KEFI – enjoying life and have fun while doing it…

This approach to life precisely describes how Marianna lives. Her energizing and fascinating personality, her undoubtable passion for her beloved Greece, but also her strong adopted access to German language and culture and for sure her great talent as Singer and Dancer.

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